Transcript of a Brief Dave Van Ronk Interlude on Beauty, Truth, and Teeth

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Dave Van Ronk; early mentor to Bob Dylan, revivalist of acoustic blues & American folk music in the 60’s, and loose subject of the Coen Brothers 2013 film, Inside Llewyn Davis. Below is a brief interlude on his album Going Back to Brooklyn that stands alone:

“I woke up this morning with a toothache again, and I think I’m beginning to understand pain. Oh what does it matter an impacted tooth, if it helps me to understand beauty and truth. Since no dentist can tell me what it’s all about, I’ll just contemplate truth ‘till my teeth all fall out. Ooh, tantric mantra, treetop toll, now won’t you kindly turn your dharma down.”

Carry on.

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Interested in many things, like consciousness, meditation & economics. Sure of nothing, like how to exist well, or play the sax (yet). More:

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