This implied connotation between death and darkness is fascinating.

It’s certainly true, in that speaking about death & mortality is commonly a ‘dark’ topic, but it’s also an intensely problematic association.

As you mention just bringing them to light, to be mirrored and validated felt inexplicably lightening, this is probably a good thing to work towards in the communal spheres, making the topic of death & mortality…casual?

Existential Therapy sounds like a cool way of bringing these repressed, problematic associations to the fore of personal experience, but it’s still locked behind the private door of doctor/patient. How else can we disenthrall death and darkness? Can death but enlivening dinner table conversation? Certainly, articles in The Atlantic and other mainstream vehicles help, do you have anything else in mind towards this end?

Great read, thanks!

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Interested in many things, like consciousness, meditation & economics. Sure of nothing, like how to exist well, or play the sax (yet). More:

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