Thanks for the comment, Walter Gomez. You’re right, Eastern teachings are having a cultural ‘moment’ in the West. But can you blame the trend? Today’s West is largely comprised of generations who either grew up under a suffocatingly dogmatic iteration of Christianity, or more recently, grew up without any imposed religion at all (excuse the sweeping generalization). In both cases, an influx of diversity as far as teachings and their sources go can be expected, right?

And is it something to be lamented? If the teachings, whether Christian, Buddhist, or whatever else, are after the same point, the same message, then what quarrel should we have whether they come from here or there?

Still, point taken. It is important not to disparage, nor forget, Christianity in the process of working with Buddhist notions. Christianity has a fascinating core; teachers & mystics from Eckhart, Aquinas, or Merton, to name a few. But the newfound popularity of Buddhism need not threaten the Christianity. Properly viewed, I think they support each other.

(Also, I have that Matthew 16:24 quote posted above my desk, thanks for sharing it.)

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