A relevant Stephen Batchelor quote:

“Dharma practice…has survived precisely because of its ability to respond creatively to change…Each time the dharma moved into a different civilization or historical period, it faced a twofold challenge: to maintain its integrity as an internally coherent tradition, and to express its vision in a way that responded to the needs of the new situation.”

Moreover, it was the great Hindu & Buddhist practitioners, those with the best grasp of yoga, who brought yoga ought of their cultural container, over to the West (Swami Vivekananda, Yogananda, Krishnamurti, etc.).

It’s this process of exposing the teachings to new cultural attitudes that evolves the practice. It’s a fascinating collision between capitalism and yoga, but it’s certainly not a process to be stifled. Yoga is not a practice to be artificially preserved in any particular cultural container. The teachings themselves will be just fine. As another commenter noted, Samantha Shelley, it’s not yoga, or anybody’s religion, but ego’s that are feeling threatened.

Another relevant Batchelor quote, re: respecting Hinduism as a religion, and regarding the comments debating whether or not Buddhism is secular:

“In a famous parable the Buddha imagines a group of blind men who are invited to identify an elephant. One takes the tail and says it’s a rope; another clasps a leg and says it’s a pillar; another feels the side and says it’s a wall…Depending on which part of Buddhism [or Hinduism, or whatever else] you grasp, you might identify it as a system of ethics, a philosophy, a contemplative psychotherapy, a religion. While containing all of these, it can no more be reduced to any one of them than an elephant can be reduced to its tail”.

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