Human life is privy to a panorama of holiness, the sight and experience of which we’ve grown immaculately skilled at obscuring. As Emerson observed: “Heaven walks among us ordinarily muffled in such triple or tenfold disguises that the wisest are deceived and no one suspects the days to be gods.”

The Intellectual History of a Tangled Relationship, with Barnaby Raine

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Barnaby Raine joins me on the Musing Mind Podcast to discuss the intellectual history of how capitalism has shaped the ‘self’, our subjective experience of who & what we are, from Marx, to Rousseau, Durkheim, Lukács, Adorno & Horkheimer, Marcuse, Foucault, Fanon, & finally to the present with folks like…

Why We Stubbornly Cling to GDP

Why, despite widespread criticism, do we still cling to GDP as primary metric for economic vitality? In the same 1934 report where Simon Kuznets first introduced the concept of GDP, he cautioned:

“Economic welfare cannot be adequately measured unless the personal distribution of income is known. And no income measurement…

Oshan Jarow

Interested in many things, like consciousness, meditation & economics. Sure of nothing, like how to exist well, or play the sax (yet). More:

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